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Doctoral thesis

Skipnes Kommunikasjon and UiB has a framework agreement on printing the final version of the doctoral thesis – copies for the public defence and libraries.

To place the order you need the following information:

  • The number of copies required in the auditorium for the public defence (remember to add 8 copies for the University Library)
  • The number of separators in the thesis
  • Date of public defence
  • The address you want a test print sent to, if any

The mandatory copies for the University library and the National library will be included in this order. The candidate does not need to place a separate order for this.

If you wish to print more copies than the mandatory number going to the public defence auditorium, you can add this in a separate sequence. The PhD candidate will be charged for these extra copies.

If you want to order copies for the evaluation committee, please click the designated button for this in the right column.

For a best possible result, please read through the points of advice on the webpage below. It is particularly important that you forward the order confirmation to an approved purchaser at your department.

Placing the order and production

1) Click the “Go to Avhandlingsportalen” button. Follow the instructions and fill in required fields. You will receive a confirmation after the order is booked

2) Forward the confirmation to an approved purchaser at your department. The approved purchaser will place the order through UiB’s e-commerce system. Skipnes will not start production until the order is officially placed. While waiting for an official confirmation in the e-commerce system, Skipnes will produce a test print or PDF for you to read through.

3A) Skipnes will look through the files, place separators, allocate ISBN-number and make the files ready for printing. We produce a test print or PDF for the candidate to read through.

3B) The candidate looks through the test print or PDF and gives feedback to Skipnes. Once the test print or PDF is approved, Skipnes starts the production of the thesis and delivers this to the relevant department at UiB. Skipnes delivers 8 copies to libraries, including an electronic version of the thesis. To exemplify, if you order 48 copies, 40 of those will be delivered to the candidate/department and 8 will be delivered to the University library.

The delivery period depends on what kind of files Skipnes receives from the candidate and how fast we receive feedback on the test print/PDF. Production period is 5 workdays from the test print/PDF is approved.


Template for thesis

A template has been made to assist in the writing of the thesis and ensure that appropriate content elements are included (see below). Not all elements are mandatory. You may use other headings when relevant.

Most theses are printed in book format 17 x 24 cm, but written in page size A4. To compensate for this the font size of body text is set to 13pt and line spacing is set at 1.5 in the template. This is to ensure that the text is legible when the document later is shrunk from A4 to book format.

If you want to add page separators (for example between articles) you can indicate this with black banners.

Chapters, list of content, introduction etc. should start at the right section of the book, i.e. on a page with an odd number.

Cover, title page and colophon page is automatically generated from the information you enter when placing the order on the webpage of Skipnes. Here is an example of cover, title page and colophon page.  

The thesis can be printed in A4 format, if there are scientific arguments for such a format. Please contact us at Skipnes if you have an inquiry on format.

Please make a thorough proof-read of the text, geometrical figures, pictures etc. before placing your order. The fewer corrections we need to make, the faster we can deliver the thesis.

Reference handling tools like EndNote, EndNote online and Reference Manager are available for PhD candidates at UiB. Please see the webpage of the UiB Library on this theme

Template for errata

After submission the PhD candidate may correct formal errors in the thesis, also called errata. A special text template has been made for the documentation of such corrections. If a list of errata is made, this should be included as a loose document in the thesis. The faculty, the department or the candidate will usually take care of printouts. Skipnes can also deliver copies of errata. Contact Skipnes if this is desired.


Thesis Template
Title Page


Pictures, graphics and geometrical figures

Picture quality

Pictures in the thesis must meet certain quality criteria when put on print. When you place your order for printing, an automatic check is done on the quality of your pictures. Pictures of low quality will be refused. Either way, it is important to have a conscious approach to quality before printing. Below are some general advice on picture quality.

Technical quality in pictures is often measured in ppi (pixels per inch). If you use a picture editing programme you will be able to see ppi for the pictures you want to use. A picture should have at least 200 ppi if you write and edit in A4-format.

Here are some examples of different picture sizes and the adequate amount of pixels in A4-format:

If you want to fill the whole page (the text area), the picture will measure 16 x 24 cm (w x h). It must then have 1260 x 1890 pixels (w x h).

If you want to use a smaller picture, for example 5 x 4 cm (w x h), 315 x 395 (w x h) pixels will be sufficient.

The thesis is scaled down from A4 to book format (17 x 24) when printed. A picture that is 200 ppi in A4 will become approximately 250 ppi in book format. 250 ppi is considered as sufficient quality when printed, but pictures of lower technical quality may also look fine when printed. The low limits for the number of pixels are somewhat flexible.

Some tips on pictures: Try to avoid enlarging small pictures as this reduces the picture quality. If jpg-pictures are used, one must avoid compressing the file. The size of the file does not in itself tell everything about the picture quality as different file formats may have different degrees of compression. A picture with a sufficient amount of pixels may not look optimal. This may occur if the file is too compressed, or if a small picture has been scaled up and added pixels to it.

Vector graphics: We advise you to save vector graphics in .png-format, as the complexity of line thickness, colour coding, and transparent colours may lead to disappointing results.

Dots and lines: (for example in figures) should not have thickness less than 0,5 pt.

Copyrights and publishing

It is necessary to inform the publisher if you are planning to print articles that have been published previously in journals. However, no restrictions may be imposed on the public availability of a PhD thesis.

For more information on copyrights and publishing we recommend this webpage from the University Library.

Public availability in BORA

UiB recommends that PhD candidates make their thesis available in BORA (Bergen Open Research Archive) unless this is in conflict with other publisher’s copyrights. The University Library will contact all candidates with an offer of making the thesis available in BORA. If you want to make the thesis available before the public defence, you are welcome to contact BORA regarding this.  

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